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Reply To: Buried my son on xmas eve

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Home Forums Loss of a loved one Buried my son on xmas eve Reply To: Buried my son on xmas eve


Hi there, thanks ‘Than’ for you feedback, I appreciate you ( and all others ! ) following, what I guess could be called my journal?
Can’t write a shopping list or remember to take it with me, so let’s call this ‘lnr’s – late night ramblings.
Oh how I miss having them with my son and his friends, all thoses sleepovers.. I was the cool mum, go to house, music and yummy food always.
Now these bedrooms are empty, and will never be filled again with the treasured sound of childrens’ laughter ..
I want to share my good moments, because yes, my body and mind are adjusting slowly, and every day is different.
Last night felt horrible, I experienced such a wave of anger, I had to put my music up loud and dance it out. Kinda wish there was somenone closeby in those moments yeah.
I always wake about 4am, with the birds, usually from a nightmare, is this really so ? I lie awake, stare outside at them for hours, day-dreaming of my child.
There are so many words left unsaid.. I want to rewind time, remember the family holidays when you were well ?!
You beat cancer twice, how can a few pills missed take your life, just when you were at your best ? It…. suck, tear drops

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