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Home Forums Loss of a loved one Buried my son on xmas eve Reply To: Buried my son on xmas eve


Hello grief community, thanks so much for replies, just listening. I really appreciate this space to express and be heard.
I want Captain Powers from the Starlight Foundation to come pay me a visit, I’ll win the quiz of course, 10 yrs practice 3pm bingo at the Children’s Hospital.
Who’s going to play cards, scrabble, all the games the nurses taught us with me now? I miss my son so very much…
When you sleep beside your child for months, years, in those impossible pull out hospital chairs/bed you spend a lot of time together.
I have not forgotten the solace of sitting silently nearby another grieving mother underneath the trees. Many I came to know. we’d meet often in the late hours
Guess that’s why I’m here, because you are beside me now, thank you.
I’m fortunate to speak french fluently so could help our nouvelle-calodiennes mums navigate things a bit. Can’t praise Westmead Children’s Hospital enough
for their inclusive french co-ordinator. I’d like to give back somehow, but not just yet. Not sure if I could again.
My son and his twin sister were the face of Canteen’s National Bandanna Day, Leukaemia Foundation ” be brave and shave’ campaigns for many years.
I can’t share content, but they are on their websites. My daughter helped create their ‘mindfullness’ app for siblings affected by cancer.
I should listen again. I do sit in nature, feed the birds, but with such a nostalgic stab to the heart all the whilst.
I’m sitting on my deck, alone, memories of childhood birthdays both blessing and agonizing my head. Time to turn on music, jezza’s calling me xxx

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