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KB2146, I lost my 6 year old daughter to Leukaemia on March 30th, 17 days ago. Three days after her 6th birthday. We had been undergoing chemotherapy for 2 years & 4 months, 3 weeks off ringing the bell, she relapsed. But hope wasn’t lost, we were in QCH preparing for a BMT (on the safest ward, in the safest room) when she suddenly and unexpectedly contracted a fungal brain infection and died.
I can’t believe I am alive, and she is not. It is impossible. I wish I was with her.. (also not considering harm) but I wish I’d die of heartbreak or be struck by lightning.
She was alive. Now she’s dead. One minute I had her sweet arms around me, now she’s gone. How does this even happen? Why?
I am now clutching remnants of her life, toys she loved, pajamas she wore.. but I don’t want that. I want her.
She has 2 other brothers, 9 & 11, but I feel completely broken. It’s just wrong. She was 6.

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