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Both my parents died last year, within 12 weeks of each other. Both were in their 8Os. Mum’s death was sudden and unexpected. I’m sure Dad died 12 weeks later, having lost the will to live without her. Grieving them was hard, but we were locked down and it allowed me plenty of space to let out tears etc.
Now, 6 months later, my mother-in-law has died. Like my mum, she was taken to hospital and died without regaining consciousness. I was transported straight back to that night. I can’t believe how fragile I am at present – tears are flowing at all sorts of things. I suspect the layers of grief are just too much. My friends and co-workers all get it, which is good: I don’t have to explain myself. My manager told me she didn’t expect me this week, so I figure it’s a chance to get myself right. When I return to work, I’ll have extra duties and pressures as, in addition to my usual job, I’ll be acting manager. I also feel like I’m not doing much to support my partner, who needs all the support he can get.
I did make an appointment with a doctor for a mental health plan. I didn’t get counselling before, but feel I need it now. The doctor’s appointment was cancelled. Now I’m not sure what to do, I’ve only got 1.5 days left. Any suggestions?

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