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Hello there, just holding out an empathetic hand as I too have lived a similar experience.
I cared for my father at home, by myself throughout his end stages of cancer – thought we had at least 3 mths after metastizing, but only got 6 weeks .
Looking back, I don’t know how I managed, with 4 kids under age of 5, separated from their father. I think I just ran on the stress adrenelin, which I definately do not recommend.
I completely crashed and burned about 3 months after his passing, had to be hospitalized briefly.
I’m so glad you are reaching out now to strengthen a support network, I wish I had of done so. I think it’s safe to say, that here in this forum, as long as respectful, it’s a safe place to share all of the emotions of approaching loss.
I must admit I became a little resentful that my brother never helped out, or friends didn’t offer babysitting more often, but in hindsight I never actually asked for help.
I’m not sure if I just naively presumed people would automatically offer, or if it just looked like I was coping fine on the outside.
There’s a saying about fitting your own face mask first, so that you can actually help others, so I encourage you to do so. Sometimes it can be the simplist of things, but put your hand up now, so you can continue being the best of you for those you hold dear xx

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