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Hi there, thank you for responding and sharing. Maybe I should start a sentence with “sorry about your loss”, but instead can I venture a quiet “me too” , if that’s ok ?
My mother also passed away at an early age – 43. so I hear you…
Perhaps different time lines ( I was 12 ) so I might relate more to losing my father, as an adult, 24 years ago. Either way , I’m sure we might relate ?
Although my children were too young to form memories, I always spoke, almost in presence tense about their grandpa, so that they knew him.
Yes, I desire to talk about my son, always forever.
And I want to hear it’s ok, to kiss the photos on my fridge every morning, and cry in my coffee, listen to the music we loved together.
I don’t want well-meant movie distractions – not a tv person, I want something real, which I understand is difficult for others to navigate.
Grief is scary for onlookers. I remember when my son was first diagnosed with cancer, age 10, friends just disappeared, as if we all had leprosy.
Now he’s actually passed, my few friends might think it wiser not to mention him, when all I do is think about my son constantly, 24/7.
Apologies if I have inadverntaly offended anyone, I do respect all cultures and kinds, and know I’m living on first nation land where you are not meant to mention those no longer with us. But I need to, I want this quiet connection with others…. thank you

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