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Reply To: Experiences in reconnecting after loss

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GL friend

Hi @jezza I think one of the hardest parts of grieving is that other people think they will trigger us in some way by asking us how we are doing, or asking about our loss.

I think that’s what adds to our loneliness.

It’s been 8 years since my mum died and I take every chance i get to talk about her. I love it when someone asks about my mum in some way. I just simply love it.

I resonate with the guilt too… time has moved one but my mum isn’t there. It’s so unfair. She missed out on so much. She was 48. She had soooo much to look forward to still but the irony is that she had stopped looking forward to the future. She was done with it. I think she was ready to go even though she was on 48.

Sigh.. yes I feel guilty that I couldn’t save her. But I also know I couldn’t have done anything to save her either.

Time just goes on but grief remains.

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