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VM – OnAJourney

Oh Lissy, I am so sorry to hear! That sounds like an awful experience you had to go through. And it all happened so suddenly. I can imagine your brain is still trying to catch up with what happened. Seems like you had to make a very tough decision without a lot of time to really think things through. I think the guilt is quite a common feeling that we have to deal with after making such decision. We always wonder whether there would have been a way to keep them alive or keep them alive for at least a little bit longer. I hope you felt like your vet gave you good advice and you felt supported in your decision. How old was your dear soulmate? And how are you feeling now after a few days? I hope you can slowly accept that your decision was the right one and that you were able to prevent your dog from extended suffering.
Sending lots of love and care…

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