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@Sanj, I am very sorry to hear your family is going through such a difficult time. I myself had BC and i understand the rollercoaster emotionally as well as physically that it takes. My children at the time of my diagnosis were newborn baby (1 week old) and and 8 year old and the uncertain future in their lives was a very difficult obstacle. They are now 19 and 11 and so far so good cancer wise. Its ok to feel lost and unsure of how to push through. I honeslty had to break that time down into one day at a time – i would seriously say out loud to myself, its just one day at a time. Dont feel like you always have to be strong – even for your wife and daughter- being human and showing your scared makes you real and will show them that is ok for them to break down too. Trust me you wont live in that space, but its good to recognise it. If you ever want to unload shoot me a message, happy to be a sounding board. x

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