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Thank you for the kind words. I am so sorry you are also going through this deverstating loss and pain Lonerboy. It is truly awful and not something i would wish on anyone. I still have very dark sad days, where the pain of Thorin’s passing is as raw and acute as if he left me yesterday, thankfully though those really bad days are lessening and i manage to remember him now with much love and even smiles rather than the endless tears. What helped me more than anything, was learning that the grief we feel is real and we are allowed to feel it. Of course our pain and loss is very much individual and most people will never understand the impact of our loss, but that is where this online community is so wonderful and important in helping us understand we are not alone in what we are feeling. I still talk to Thorie every day, and most nights i will shed a few tears for my little man, but that is part of my healing process, i encourage you to do the same talk to Swizzel as often as you need, she remains safely tucked in your heart and she lives on in all your wonderful memories of her. You like me Lonerboy have been blessed, while this world is often cruel and lonely we were given the greatest gifts of love from our fur children, they are more than just dogs to us the bonds we have with them dont end just because they are no longer here, those bonds do carry on and even now on those really bad days let Swizzel continue to be your reason to carry on. Take care and i do feel for you as you are learning to face days without your precious Swizzel close at hand, i believe it is always going to hurt but we adapt to the loss and we can continue to make both Swizzel and Thorin proud in how we take the love they gave us and continue on in a world we dont always want to face. xxx

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