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Reply To: fixing a broken heart when the biggest part is gone

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Home Forums Loss of a pet fixing a broken heart when the biggest part is gone Reply To: fixing a broken heart when the biggest part is gone


Hi @Wolfboy12, thank you so much for reaching out to the forums. Our heart goes out to you for the loss of your Zackybear. The way you speak about him is heartwarming – your teammate, best friend, inspiration…what a truly special bond you had with him. We hope you have found ways to continue this bond…many people on the forums talk about creating a spot in their home that they can go to when the pain is strong. A place with a photo and special mementos like his collar, bowl, ball… or maybe you’ve found other ways to keep his memory alive and the love in your heart?
The grief of losing a pet can feel unbearable…for many of us, they are beside our side more than any person…our constant companions. Having to make the decision to let him go showed such strength and love…unfortunately love and grief are a package deal. When we make the decision to love our pets we make the decision to grieve. But there are some things that might help;
– David Kessler, grief expert suggests that we shift our mindset… When you feel yourself going into overwhelm or your mind goes to the terrible moment when you had to let him go, shift it instead to sending him love. “I’m sending you love. I’m surrounding you with love”. Say what works for you – and you can say it over and over.
– Tapping into your strengths might help you to take 2 steps forward and only 1 step back ☺️ At Griefline we are big advocates for strengths-based grief recovery. So you might like to take a look at the article on our Resource Hub “Grief Recovery: In Search of Lost Strengths” –
– Take good care of yourself – treat yourself with kindness just as you would have Zackybear. Try to eat well, get plenty of sleep and exercise. Staying physically healthy bolsters your strength for your mental health too.

, we hope this advice helps in some way. Please keep in touch and let us know how you’re going. We are here for you. 🌸

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