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Home » Loss of a loved one » Alone, limited support » Reply To: Alone, limited support

Thank you.

I am just feeling even more alone. I publicly let family and friends know on social media and it’s been a mixed response, many backing away thinking this is too much to deal with. Well that’s what I think they are thinking. The ones that say that talk to me anytime, they are the people that don’t have little or nothing to do with me I might as well know them as strangers. One person who I have talked about this too who now messages me once a day has said, grief is very taboo. I agree. I am trying to be with people, people don’t want to be with me. I have NO FRIENDS to spend time with. They live elsewhere and not locally. I can only spend time with the few friends that will want to talk to me, online when its convenient. I had one person message me last night saying checking in wanted to see how were. When I replied, ok’ish, she was like ok and no reply back. I want to share but no one will give me the time of day. I am almost counting down the hours til I see my psychologist next week. Thank you for providing the links, I will look into that.