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Dear @Peep, welcome to the forums. We are so glad you are here reaching out for support as the anniversary of your daughter’s death approaches. Our hearts go out to you at this time.

At Griefline we so often hear from bereaved people in the lead-up to anniversaries. It’s a harrowing and frightening time because you know just what to expect. And it sounds like this year is particularly heartbreaking for you due to the fact that you are also grieving the loss of your friendship to her dementia. When we’re dealing with multiple losses such as yours our grief can get complicated – leading us to ask ourselves questions like ‘how do I keep on living?’.
You also asked how do I get through this… perhaps the answer can be found in your strengths. You have shown incredible strength to get through the last two anniversaries. How did you manage it? We acknowledge that you are lacking 2 important supports this year – the medication and your friend, but perhaps you can identify other supports that got you through? If so, try to lean on them (even if it means asking your sisters to prioritise your grief).

You might also like to read the article ‘In Search of Lost Strengths’ on our Resource Hub. It might be helpful for identifying the gaps in your social support and ways to fill them (particularly face-to-face support which is something you seem to be yearning for).

In the meantime, we hope that you’ll find support and understanding here on the forums. Please keep in touch over the coming days and weeks. Let us know how you are going. We are here for you in the lead-up to, on the day, and after your daughter’s anniversary. 🌸

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