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Home » Loss of a loved one » My pregnant wife died, I have 3 daughters, I am 32 » Reply To: My pregnant wife died, I have 3 daughters, I am 32

Hi Michael, I’m so sorry to hear of your loss, I’m not a single dad but I am a single mum who lost her husband while she was pregnant. I am 31years old and my husband was 35 and passed away last year from stage 4 bowel cancer, we were married for 3months before he was diagnosed… together for 8years and when he was diagnosed our worlds were torn apart,, we too were the perfect couple, had a love that was strong… I too am struggling to deal with this loss and the overcoming sense of loniness,, I too am not suicidal as I have a son to raise who needs me but am just overcome with sadness alot of the time,, my family live in another state and I don’t seem to have any friends that understand what I’m going through without me sounding selfish.. I understand the feeling of having a part of you missing,,, and it may not be a part that you can see but it’s an emptiness that doesn’t seem to be able to be healed with any simple fix. I’m not sure if this message is designed to help you but just to let you know there are others out there young who are feeling the same things you are.. and going through similar things..