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Home Forums Loss of a loved one “Don’t think of me dying, think of me laughing.” Reply To: “Don’t think of me dying, think of me laughing.”


Welcome to the forums @henry-heartbreak, we are glad you’re here. Our hearts go out to you after the traumatic loss of your wife and we are here to support you in your grief. We thank you for sharing your grief experience as there are likely to be many other community members also struggling with the searing anguish, pain and anger that hits us after losing someone we loved.

Here at Griefline – both on the Helpline and the forums, we support many people struggling with these almost unbearable emotions and thoughts. We hold space for them and invite them to express themselves fully and openly and we know that for some people we might be the only outlet for them to do so. We also work with people in different phases of grief – those who are stuck, confused or can’t make sense of it, those who feel guilt and remorse, and also those who are ready to look for meaning in their loss and want to find hope. Everybody’s grief experience is their own and we honour that.

The forums are a place for everyone to express their unique grief experience no matter what it is. Like you say, grieving people need spaces to scream and cry and you are very welcome to do that here. So we’d welcome you to start your own topic and start the conversation.

We are here for you 🌸

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