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Hi @championphilyra, so sorry to hear about the ongoing bullying you’ve been experiencing. This type of bullying is simply unacceptable and our hearts go out to you for the pain it’s causing you.

We know that you’ve also been working through your grief after the loss of two friends so we want to recognise your resilience and courage in pushing through at school despite all the challenges and overwhelm you’ve expressed previously. We hope that you recognise your incredible inner strength which you can call on again to get you through this challenge.

At Griefline we work with people over 18 who are experiencing grief and loss so your school bullying experience may not be in our scope but we want to ensure you are fully supported. There are a number of dedicated resources and organisations for people under 18 that may be able to help both with your experiences of grief and loss and bullying. We’ve pulled out a couple for you to take a look at.

Referral Resources
Kids Help Line
1800 551 800
Kids Helpline webpage for kids 13 – 17 with link re. bullying

Headspace National Office:

1800 650 890

We know you are a motivated and pro-active young person who understands the importance of connecting and sharing your story so we hope you will follow up with one of these referrals and get the support you deserve. 🌸

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