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GL friend and Jan SB it is so good to hear your wisdom and experience. I think not having anyone I know who I can relate to about my mum has been hard, so hearing what you have experienced and also the self talk and actions you’ve taken to help yourselves is so reassuring.

Today I went for a decent walk with the dog, and I spent some time with my dad. I baked with my son yesterday. I think I’ll try to focus on having some positive connections and doing some self care.

But I think what you say about better and worse days is a real thing, and it does seem to be quite unpredictable so far.

I e noticed I feel better for a bit after being with friends or family, but it also exhausts me. Like the effort of trying to be normal and not just talk about Mum because that’s what’s foremost in my mind is just huge!

I think I probably do have to have some other places to turn to when my emotions are too much for others. I don’t think it’s fair to burden them, it’s just so hard to carry that burden myself. If that makes sense ?

Thank you again for your reflections, I will keep reading and trying to learn from them.

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