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Hi @Laralai, a warm welcome to the Griefline forums. Our hearts go out to you for the loss of your dear Louie ❤️. Thank you for reaching out to @suba despite your own distress – we are so fortunate to have a caring community here on the forums.

The loss of a companion animal affects many of us with the same severity as the loss of a human loved one. So it’s understandable that your grief might feel overwhelming at times. It sounds like you had a beautiful bond with Louie. It’s a bond you can always treasure and it often helps the grieving process to continue these bonds. One of our community members mentioned how she kept her dog alive in her heart…she talked about him with others and wrote about him in a journal. She also put his collar beside some photos on her bedside table “just to feel a sense of honouring his passing each night”. This helped her process the loss gradually. Do you think something like this might help you through these early days?

You’ve got a lot on your plate at the moment so we hope you are getting support from others around you to manage your depression and anxiety.

Let us know how you’re going. We’re here for you. 🌸

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