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Home » Loss of a loved one » Lost my partner to cancer 4wks ago after 8yrs of treatment at Peter Mac. » Reply To: Lost my partner to cancer 4wks ago after 8yrs of treatment at Peter Mac.

Thank you for your kind words. Everything is working as it should technically just me being new to the set up.
We were together for 41yrs in a very loving relationship. It can be comforting in our home now & can be strange because she is not here. I am also comforting our pet dog . My partner died at home which was one of her last wishes. I do have support around me friends & partner’s family. We live in a small country town & never really feel alone. My stress at the moment is the business side of things…changing name to mine on utilities etc we had a will so mostly all is going well… it’s just having to notify so many areas to inform of passing it can be charged with emotion… I have looked at grief line website & acknowledge the stages of grief. I am eating but appetite not great…sleeping is changeable but I have natural relaxants to help. I am booked in to see my GP on the 26th I have an underactive thyroid which my medication was changed in November last year… just want to check in as I am trying to keep weight on…it could be my grieving & or thyroid as well. Thanks for being here . Regards Jean & Tiki.