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Reply To: My Honey passed away 2 days before Christmas

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Home Forums Loss of a pet My Honey passed away 2 days before Christmas Reply To: My Honey passed away 2 days before Christmas


Hi @tanae, our hearts go out to you for the tragic loss of your little Honey. It sounds like she was a constant and faithful companion and the two of you shared a very precious bond. You mention that no one understands the devastation you are feeling. It’s understandable you feel this way – when we lose a beloved pet we feel like people couldn’t possibly know the depths of our feelings for our baby. But it really does help to seek comfort and support from others just as you have done here on the forums. Talking about your loved one can be particularly soothing at this early stage so if you feel up to sharing some of your favourite stories about little Honey we would love to hear about her.

It must be have been really tough to hear she was cremated yesterday – that really does bring a finality to things doesn’t it?. Many people find that creating a ritual or honouring space helps with their grief like @BrionyJames did for Diesel, or planting a tree at her favourite park, making a memory box or photo-book… something that you can go to any time when you’re feeling overwhelmed with sadness.

In the meantime, we are here for you so please let us know how you’re going.

Here is a link to some information on the Griefline website pet bereavement which might also be of some help.

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