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Home » Loss of a pet » My Honey passed away 2 days before Christmas » Reply To: My Honey passed away 2 days before Christmas
Briony James

Hi Tanae, I’m so sorry to hear of Honey’s passing, I can hear how heartbreaking it is for you. Processing such an unexpected loss is tough and it can feel like it’s impossible, but with time you will be able to move through the pain. Grief and loss is a unique process for each person but the most important thing is to have the support you need and deserve, so it’s great that you felt able to post here. Honey holds such a precious place in your life and that lives in all your memories of her. When I lost my dog Diesel while I was on holiday it felt unfair that I wasn’t home and my grief was so deep having had him for 14 years. I found it helpful to talk about him and write down in a journal some of the stories I had of his life with me. I also put his collar beside some photos on my bedside table, just to feel a sense of honouring his passing each night. It took a few months but I felt able to process the loss gradually.