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Hi Gl friend

Thanku so much.
But hearing ur story has made me feel
A little selfish. I’m so sorry I’m hoping I don’t look like I feel I’m the only one going through this. I’m just struggling and really am lost at what has happened.
I’m so sorry about ur mum n I hope u have been getting through this time, I’m glad u are doing what counts for u and the memory of ur mum. Undoubtedly who was a major mentor in your life.
You are amazing and Thanku for responding I’m glad I reached out. But I’m still struggling I just hope it eases in the future. I’m
Sick to the stomache over it. And I must say I know this will sound dumb, but Katy night after I wrote online I heard footsteps through the house. I believe it’s dad checking up on me n my mum. As whilst my dad was it I slept at mum n dads for eight years and still do as mum is not well so I’m still here with her.
I feel he is here with us and I feel he is not happy with my sister at all it would not please him what she has done.
I’m just beside myself and I want to see him. You know everyday I go to cemetery and ask him to come take me.
I can’t explain it. I’m lost.
Thanku you are amazing

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