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Hi @Sarah, thanks for your self-care tips & link to Darria Long’s TED talk about managing stress.

This week Victorian Paramedics were placed in a highly stressful situation when a Code Red was declared due to overwhelming calls, forcing them to tackle massive workloads, miss meals and end up in tears.  It’s just one example of the extreme situations all first responders can face, and it can put us at risk for poor mental health outcomes. Fortunately, there are tools which can help.

The ‘5 Resiliency Skills’ were developed for First Responders.  Skilling up in these areas can lessen compassion fatigue & anxiety and increase your job satisfaction & quality of life:

1) Self-care and revitalisation
2) Self-awareness
3) Eradicating stress
4) Improved perceptions of self and job
5) Connection and support

(Gentry, Baranowsky & Dunning, 2002)

Here are a few tips for skilling up;
#2 Self-awareness – try @Sarah’s tip to ‘check-in on yourself’
#3 Eradicating Stress – try Darria Long’s stress management techniques
#5 Connection and support – stay engaged on the online forums and reach out to colleagues

What are some other tips from community members to develop these skills?

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