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Hi @championphilyra, a warm welcome to you. You are one of our very first contributors on the new Griefline forums and we thank you for starting the thread ‘Loss of a Close Friend of Mine’ – particularly as it’s a form of grief that so many Australians are confronted with every day.

I feel that your grief may have been further compounded by the sudden and traumatic nature of your dear friend’s passing…when we are completely unprepared, we are more likely to experience ambiguous loss which might leave a person searching for answers and as you say, ‘feeling lost’.

You also mention that you are feeling depressed and I am hoping that you have discussed this with your GP as he or she is your best resource for combatting the difficult symptoms that come with this.

For now, your simple act of reaching out on this forum is an excellent form of self-care. By sharing your experience and sitting with those painful feeling you can start to process the loss in your own time. And as the Forum grows you will find many others who can empathise and walk with you on this journey. For now, please know that we are here for you any time you wish to share.

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