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I don’t know what to do right now without him

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Home Forums Loss of a pet I don’t know what to do right now without him

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    My beautiful baby, my little boy was only 8 today and just passed away. It happened so suddenly. I can’t stop picturing him and just miss him so much. Since I’ve had my dog in my life it completely changed me. From going out with friends to just staying at home with my baby lab. I didn’t realise how much it hurts I have such a hole in me heart. I can’t stop crying. My family mourned for abit and then just seemed fine whilst having drinks and talking about him. I use to always be out with my friends or girlfriends but since my lab came I would spend most my evenings just with him and play fight with him. I wouldn’t spend my evenings any other way. I just feel like my lab was the best thing in my life & I just feel like the only one good thing in my life is gone. Idk what to do I’m just lost , confused , angry. I just can’t cope tbh. I’ve spend the day with my family and friends but now I’m just all alone. For 8 years I would kiss my baby every night before bed. And I couldn’t tonight. I just am so confused and don’t know

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    VM – OnAJourney

    Oh, so sorry to hear @amaniee612. This must have been such a tough day for you. Your baby lab has been such an important part of your life, and you have spent so much time with him. Totally understandable that you feel lost now and overwhelmed by grief and hurt. And I can imagine that you also find it upsetting that others in your family seem to just get on with it. We do grieve differently, and loss affects us differently. I think it is great that you reach out and talk about your grief on this forum, particularly as you might feel that your family does not quite get what’s going on for you.
    The pain you experience shows how close you were with your baby boy and how much you love him. And while it might never go away completely same as your love for him that will never go away, it will probably change over time and you might want to keep us posted how you are going on your journey. I can imagine that a lot of people who read this can relate to your grief.
    I hope you manage to get some sleep. And maybe your baby boy will be there with you during the night. Take care.

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