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How do I let go

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    Hi, I’m new here and just had my Jack Russell “Jack” put to sleep due to old age…
    My biggest struggle is not being able to cuddle or pat him ever again or feel his warmth on my lap, he was an amazing little guy who was always there for me!
    I’m really angry at the moment that we both had to go through this, I’m also concerned that Jack will hate me for the decision I made (I know it’s just my mind playing tricks on me)
    I feel so sad 😞

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    Hey Dave,

    I can definitely empathise with your sadness and anger, and even your guilt at making the decision to put Jack to sleep. I’ve had to make that call myself, and it’s a hard choice to have to make even when it’s absolutely the right one.

    From what I know of Jack Russells, they’re rather fearless and incredibly smart. Does that sound like Jack? What was he like?


    Oh Jack was an amazing little guy, he loved everyone! I used to call him ‘Happy Jack’ because his tail was always wagging…
    I’m finding it incredibly hard not being able to cuddle him and talk to him and I keep asking for a sign from Jack to let me know that he is ok?


    Dear Dave
    I’m so sorry to hear about your loss. Losing a beloved pet can be really hard, and it’s natural to feel overwhelmed by sadness and anger. It’s important to remember that you did the best thing for Jack out of love. You are not alone in your feelings; we are here to listen and support you wherever we could. I would like to suggest this recourse for you, as it might be helpful in some way.


    Hi @davejack ,

    Thank you for posting. I recently lost my cattle dog x kelpie of 15 years. She was also very energetic and it’s hard to adjust to life without her.
    I’m also struggling with the decision to put her down, and I’ve been thinking of it as ‘the hardest responsiblity that we have as owners’.
    I hope you’re doing okay.


    Hi @davejack,

    I’m truly sorry for your loss. It’s clear that ‘happy Jack’ was a special friend who brought joy to your life. Remember, you made the decision to put him to sleep out of love and compassion. It’s natural to feel a mix of emotions, but know that you’re not alone. The Griefline community, including @midnights who also recently lost a pet, is here to support you.

    Consider creating a small memorial for Jack as a way to remember and celebrate his life. This can provide comfort and help you process your grief. Feel free to share your thoughts and feelings with the community, as we’re all here to help each other through these tough times.


    Hi @davejack. He sounds like such a special boy. I have also been asking for signs from my cat who just passed. Have you been getting any? I’m also reading “signs the secret language of the universe” which is helping reassure me that she is still there. You might like it too.


    So sorry for the loss of your little man, it is so heartbreaking to have to make that horrible decision
    I had to make the decision to end my beautiful girls suffering nearly 8 weeks ago
    It is emotionally shattering and so heartbreaking to lose our best friends
    I know how you feel, I am struggling so much to accept that my beautiful angel has left me and that I will never see her beautiful face or be able to touch her or kiss her ever again
    I have been so angry too that we had to go through this trauma when we could be together, she was the love of my life
    I can’t stop crying, I am missing my baby so much
    Life is so cruel
    Hugs x

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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