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Dear Debsayge

Thank you. It feels like it is a living hell most days and that I need to wake up from this nightmare…and then I remember my husband has died and everything is real. It’s hard trying to pick up all the pieces of our lives and put them back together to make sense of it all, to keep the girls on track and to believe we have some sort of future where we are not just surviving the bad reality but feeling some joy or something more than the pain and the grief. Thank you to you and everyone who has responded – thank you – I feel very alone most of the time and the grief is really overwhelming. Some workmates and other friends, including one of my daughters godparent who I thought were close friends have not been in touch so I feel like a leper and they obviously cannot deal with any of this so they have decided to not do or say anything which is really hurtful. Thank you to all in our grief community – there are so many people grieving and hurting and it is forums like this that help us. Sending love to everyone.

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