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Thank you. It’s been a long, hard few months. I have a brother who lives in the same town as me (he is married and with adult kids with their own families) – he has been fantastic. His wife I feel like she avoids me and avoids interacting with me – just too hard for her I suppose. I also have a sister interstate (but who has her own health issues so can’t be with me), who calls me everyday and lets me vent or whatever I need. We (my girls and I) now have a regular GP and I’ve started seeing a psychologist (have been to 3 appointments so far) which I’m finding does help. My girls are on the cancellation waitlist as well. I listen to an assortment of grief podcasts when I can’t sleep, until I drop off in the wee hours or I watch a world movie on SBS until I drop off from exhaustion. I’ve relocated from our bedroom into the lounge room downstairs to make a makeshift bedroom of sorts. Life is very different and feels so strange. Nights are eerily too quiet and that’s when I probably overthink everything and the grief and sadness take over. I’m a doer – I like being really busy – so mostly I try to keep really busy to the point of exhaustion.

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