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Dear Sully, I am so glad you shared your story – everything you wrote sounds so familiar to me. My husband died on 6-October after a few days in hospital following a bicycle accident. At first, he was just in a ward for observation. After nearly 48 hours his blood pressure dropped dangerously low. The doctors moved him to ICU and he was put on a ventilator to stabilise his condition. The doctors discovered he had sepsis in a cut on his leg. They pumped him full of antibiotics, then they amputated his leg, but it was all too late because the infection spread throughout his body. I also felt right until the end that everything was going to be ok, but then suddenly it wasn’t. When he died, I was totally numb, I felt empty, and everything felt pointless. After a few days I descended into a black hole and contemplated suicide. I got help and decided to live, but it is not easy. Grief is hard. My friends are a great support, but it is not possible to fully comprehend how hard losing your partner is… until it happens to you. I really hope you are doing ok. I wish I could give you a hug. I am thinking about you.

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