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Hello @chloe123,

your post was so vivid I feel like I can almost see Chloe, tail wagging as she traipsed around the home following you all – and the love she must have felt for your family. It’s so unconditional, I truly believe many people could learn so much about love and dedication from the average dog, let alone the really special ones.

I have an older dog who’s not doing so well, he too is our shadow. Everything we do he comes along, looks at it as if he’s trying to figure out what we’re doing and then usually sits on it to ‘help’ – though the smile and the wagging tail tell me he’s just being cheeky.

I can only imagine the pain you’re feeling, please come back and let us know how you’re coping. How are you and your family supporting each other? Have you thought about how you might find ways to keep the memory of Chloe moving forward with you all? Please come back and let us know.

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