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Reply To: I lost my cat yesterday and I’m struggling

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Home Forums Loss of a pet I lost my cat yesterday and I’m struggling Reply To: I lost my cat yesterday and I’m struggling

VM – OnAJourney

Yes, I can imagine that it is still hard. Good to hear you are making an effort to look after yourself. And sometimes when we grieve, ordinary things like eating can feel like a huge effort. Sounds like you have a fairly good idea what you might find helpful – including getting some sunshine and starting volunteering. Takes a bit of courage to do that and it’s great that you take that step. Having something meaningful to do and being among people can be a very good way to help you cope with your loss. You might have already checked out some of the resources on the Griefline website – here is a summary of the EAST toolkit: which you might find helpful.
How about Gertie, is she doing her bit to support you as well?
Hope you get some decent sleep tonight.

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