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Reply To: How do you find strength when coping with grief alone?

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Home Forums Loss of a loved one How do you find strength when coping with grief alone? Reply To: How do you find strength when coping with grief alone?


Dearest Kate, so glad for your honesty and realness, thank you for posting again….I must say!! Are we with the same guy!! I so get all that. I’m sorry for both of us …you are NOT too Whiney!! I love you can speak your truth, it’s the desperation that makes it so and most defiantly the deepest love which where we are is the soul shattering pain we’re now in,. My life was all about my children , in fact the way you speak adoringly of your beautiful mumma is a reflection to me of my relationship with my Sayge, I sadly don’t have that with my mum she’s opposite to me closed and aloof always has been, I’m finding it so distressing now and it’s hard to put into words, that I had all I ever looked for in my Sayge bringing her and my Archer up so lovingly to have a close enriched family which I’ve never had to have it all robbed from me. Hard to explain in a forum this way……
I also hear you about not many reply’s I’ve noted this also, when your as desperate and alone as we are I too thought there would be more input, I wrote a message over 2 weeks ago and nothing, I’m wondering the same thing if others (except dear moon, who chats to me) have a better network, lucky them, I’ve been struggling for so long now and people just don’t keep in touch… you so beautifully said in your first post you thrive on deep connections, so do I and like you losing your beloved mum and me with my loss of Sayge, that was our deep connection….the deapth of our pain is immense, so far unchanging for me, and I see you are still struggling with your husband illness too and alone, I would love to speak more deaply if we could find a way??
I wonder where you are, I keep chatting and posting here in the hope to find someone close by, we live on a small farm and I feel if I could just get a family or 2? Together that we can help each other I don’t do face book or any social stuff, as I say maybe the sign out front?? Can’t quite get up the courage yet….
Anyway Kate I am here, with you and for you and thinking of you with heartfelt love today

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