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Thank you all for your beautiful replies
I managed to make it through my eulogy. I think standing at the front of the podium I channeled my dad – he was always my strength and protection. I just wish I could’ve been his before he was killed.
I found a quote which started it off which I would love to share;
In good times, love is felt
as a lightness in the heart,
a lifting of our spirits. In
times of loss, the heaviness
of grief reveals the true weight of love that we carry for those we’ve lost.
Grief is the revelation of
love’s depths.
-John Mark Green

I am still trying to find myself and how to function in each day. To get through I am trying to channel the strength that I know my dad would show. There is still much to come, such as the court case but I’m trying to find a ritual to practice each day to soothe my soul. For now it is listening to some of his favorite songs.

Thank you to for sending that song through, music has really been helping.

I feel such immense pain lately but it is comforting to speak to others, even if it is just sharing or reading your stories. A lot of your stories of life give me hope that one day, my pain may lessonZ

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