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Reply To: Buried my son on xmas eve

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Home Forums Loss of a loved one Buried my son on xmas eve Reply To: Buried my son on xmas eve


Dear Moon
Just saying hello and thinking about you….wanting to say how much I appreciate you! Reaching out to all here, with such heart, also for Joanne’s symphony of our collective grief….that song (I still can’t listen,) though know them all, wish you were here echos through my heart all the time….you know Moon everyday I say I can’t do this, everyday I feel is worse than the day before, but there all worse, you say you can’t trust your emotions! Ohh I understand as they are so extreme, I also recognise though they are a mirror(or the flip side) of our absolute love for our babies, do you think that?
Our lives are frozen in time and the world keeps going, it’s the cruelest gig ever… dear grieving Mum says we are just enduring this pain….so again thankyou for enduring this with us all here
Much love, to get through yet another day, let’s just keep hanging on

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