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Hi Deb, all reading. I’ve got my telephone counselling tom, which I delayed. What has changed since, nothing honestly. I guess I had to explain my life a bit in order for her to know my circumstances, but I don’t want to revisit the past again. I’ve being very low as I don’t trust my emotions. The last session brought up too many feelings of guilt and anger, that I know in my head don’t belong anywhere, but I still feel it. And all this love in my aching heart I can longer devote to my son, oh my, it’s too much.
Today was a sunny, windy day, so I washed his jumpers and trackies again, cause they fit me ! I wonder Deb if you wear Sayges clothes – I find it comforting…
I remember loving my first born so much also, then a second one, but then surprise twins, a girl in the mix. I can’t imagine how my twin daughter is feeling, they shared the same cot, same bedroom, every moment of their lives together. Hey has Archer reached out to Canteen yet – remember my family was the face of National Bandanna Day, team leaders etc, also have you tried again with Redkite, if you don’t feel like sharing here. I get that it’s hard to talk about, but we are listening xx

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