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Dear Moon
And all broken people here, just wanting to say I’m grateful to be able to talk a little and appreciate your responses….grateful for your honesty and care I’ve felt reluctant to speak to a councillor as well for the same reasons, there’s just too much to wade through I find even here it can feel exhausting to say as little as I do….I’m a Mumma lost her girl in the most shocking way, my reason for living….I asked every day,through the horror begged take me, hurt me!!stop hurting my child….how do we live! i mean why! Even do we want to….I feel so torn between this world and the next ( although my faith is smashed to pieces) stay here with my beloved boy or?? (we all think about it) I told her everyday from tiny how she rescued me, that I was such a happy Mumma, I couldn’t possibly have loved cared or nurtured anymore, I actually worried when Archer was born if I could love him as much, I did and I do and together I had amazing children, so incredibly close, never even a argument, soooo painful to see him without his gorgeous sister who called him deary, so dreadfully hard for us all….it’s impossible pain….impossible longing.
How are you travelling my friend thinking of you and holding you close. Along with everyone here

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