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Hi djc4,
I’m really glad you’ve reached out to us. It sounds like you are going through a very tough time right now. Grief can affect us all differently, but depression is a very common symptom for many people. We have some information online that might be helpful for you. If you go to as well as there is information on different experiences that often accompany grief and hopefully there is something there that may resonate with you.

Often, especially when experiencing depression, people can change routines and start neglecting basic daily self-care routines like sleep and exercise. I recommend checking as there is information for making sure you have healthy routines in place to support you while you work out a way through your current experience. It can sometimes seem too basic, but it’s really important and helpful to make sure that you’re doing things like maintaining a regular bedtime and a healthy diet.

You mention that you have a long history of losing loved ones and I’m also wondering whether you have ever considered speaking with someone on a regular basis. It may be helpful to speak to someone like a counselor or therapist who specialises in grief and loss and can help you to unpack some of your past experiences and help you integrate them in a healthy way.

You’ve taken a really positive in reaching out and I hope you find something helpful in this. You are also always welcome to call our helpline on 1300 845 745 to have an anonymous chat with one of our volunteers.

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