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Reply To: Buried my son on xmas eve

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Hi Jezza,

Thank you for sharing your (and Jeremy’s) story so beautifully and for keeping us updated. I’m glad that people have been helping you out with services and the technology.

I can hear how nervous you were about the hairdresser, and it sounds like it was a beautiful and supportive moment with her. I’m so pleased for you. I find that a friend like that is an island of relief.

It sounds so difficult for you, to have not kept that last promise, through no fault of your own. I’m just so very sorry to hear about what happened. Feel free to share more about how you’re feeling about that – I’ve found that it eases the feelings a little by sharing the feelings.

I agree that you have been honouring Jeremy through your posts. He sounds like a truly wonderful young man, and the world has been robbed by the loss of him. I love that he shared a spotify list with you – so thoughtful. I also think that you are helping others who read your posts, which is also very honouring to Jeremy. And with him being such a kind person, I suspect he’d be proud of you.

We’re here for you.

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