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Dear @[email protected]

I’m so sorry to hear about the loss of your partner and that you’re feeling so raw. I lost my brother to a sudden heart attack 15 years ago and my grandmother last year, and both losses still hurt as we were very close. I think it’s great that you saw a grief counsellor when you lost your husband. I wish I’m seen a counsellor or joined a grief support group at the time.

It must be so hard not having your partner there to talk to. I was reading one of the Griefline articles the other day about how we all experience grief differently. There was a section in there about loss of a partner, if you’re interested.

Grief, Loss and Trauma

Don’t be embarrassed about missing his loving words. I think it’s a completely normal feeling to need someone to love and be loved by, and be told that we’re loved every day (especially for women), and that’s at any age.

I hope you have support around you and are finding some coping strategies during such a difficult time. Take care.

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