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Reply To: It took me 4 years to realise I’ve never grieved

Home Forums Reply To: It took me 4 years to realise I’ve never grieved


Dear @JenC, welcome to the forums. Our hearts go out to you as you battle complicated grief after the passing of your husband. You are not alone in this – 10% of bereaved people become ‘stuck in their grief’. But we are encouraged by your optimism to find a ‘fix’ – we agree that researchers are developing new forms of therapy all the time. So it’s definitely worthwhile continuing to seek help until you find your perfect fit. Have you seen this TED talk by Susan Delaney? “Grief, Its Complicated” – we think you’ll relate to it (especially from around 10 minutes in)…at the least it will help you to feel less alone in your experience and at best renew your motivation to find that perfect ‘fix’.

In the meantime, keep posting here – social support is very helpful and we are here for you as you navigate your grief journey. 🌸

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