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Home » Loss of a loved one » Loss of a 'Soul-Mate' Best Friend » Reply To: Loss of a 'Soul-Mate' Best Friend

Dear @v-a-Bolton, we wanted to check in with you after your recent post on the forums and to let you know we are thinking of you. Losing a soulmate can be one of the most devastating losses we ever experience. And because you were her carer the loss can be even more significant – you have not only lost a confidant and friend but also the sense of purpose that comes with looking after someone who is vulnerable and needs you.

It sounds like you are a very fair, open-minded, and considerate person and we hope that you have been able to recognise these strengths within yourself. These are inner resources that you can call on to help in your grief recovery. You can find more explanation around this in the ‘engage your strengths’ section of our article “In Search of Lost Strengths” Part 1 and 2 on the Griefline Resource Hub. As the article says, engaging your strengths “opens you up to change, providing fertile ground for personal growth and giving you a chance to find hope again”. We hope that you find some benefit from it.

In the meantime, please let us know how you are going and whether the feelings of loneliness and isolation are still very challenging for you. You are not alone in your grief journey – we are here for you. 🌸