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Hi @Tmc, thanks so much for being a pro-active member of the Griefline forums community! Your new thread ‘feelings of guilt’ is highly topical…you may have noticed that guilt is often mentioned here on the forums. Many of our Community Members (CMs) express their struggles with the emotion, some feel it more acutely than others but the fact is, most of us will feel guilty to some extent during our grieving process. Unfortunately for some, it can be very debilitating, so it’s great to see that the article includes some pragmatic tips on coping with guilt.

I invite other CMs to post your thought-provoking / informative or healing resource on the subject of guilt…or feel free to start your own thread. Your favourite Ted talk, book, movie, poem etc that you return to again and again might be the very thing that can comfort or support a fellow CM at this moment. 🌸.

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