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I’m curious to see that this discussion was opened nearly two months ago and yet, no one, has spoken. Well, due to my rather dysfunctional relationship which is pretty much over but doing a very long-winded death roll, I’ve felt incredibly lonely and for a very long time.

To be on my own is okay. I’m really fine with that concept but being lonely is something else. I’ve spent the majority of my adult life on my own and, as I have three grown up children, that gives you an indication that I’ve been in this position for many years. My ex-husband was severely abusive and when it ended and I tried to re-connect with a person I thought was my soul mate, I thought everything would be perfect. Well, I’m not only a little innocent but also rather naive. Many years later and I’m still on my own and the loneliness is really difficult to accept. It would be nice to have someone to share a dinner or a breakfast with. It would be nice to cuddle up to someone in bed at night and wake up next to them. I’ve had moments of this but nothing particularly real and frequently I wonder if the universe really wants me to have this. Everyone I know appears to be content and have someone or some people close to them. I have no one and yes, I wonder about the value of life and why I bother.