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Online Counselling

Online counselling

GriefLine’s free online email service is accessible 24 hours every day of the year. A counsellor will respond directly to the email id provided within 72 hours from the time you contact us.

Our online service supports clients who:

  • Do not have time to access services dues to commitments, such as caring for family members
  • Find the process of accessing services too overwhelming
  • Live in rural or remote areas with limited health and community support issues
  • Are more comfortable with online communication
  • Have a disability or are housebound
  • Experience fear, anxiety or stress
  • May be dealing with depression
  • Have busy lives or unusual employment hours
  • Are more expressive through the written word

To access this service please click here.

What to expect

When using this service, you will be asked to provide some brief details about yourself. This includes your age, gender, relationship status and your postcode. This helps us to give you a more comprehensive answer to your query or request for assistance. The counsellor may ask you some questions to get a clearer picture of your request for assistance. You can respond to such queries or any further follow up by replying to the email that you receive.

To assist the counsellors with providing a beneficial response for you, please provide the following information in your Online Counselling Session:

  • Any background information that may affect the current issue; e.g. lack of family support during your grief, or whether you live in a remote rural area with limited support
  • How have you tried to help the situation? How successful was it and what factors helped/hindered the attempt
  • How long ago were these attempts made?
  • Think about it and let us know what would be the ideal solution for your situation as you see it. Explain this in detail if possible.
  • Which of your issues is of the greatest concern to you at the moment?



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