Free Counselling

All GriefLine counselling and support services are free to anyone who contacts our state hotline numbers. 

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Our free service includes calls with our skilled and trained volunteer counsellors,  working with your grief, loss and/or trauma. Our telephone counsellors are also trained to help callers battling insomnia, which may have developed as a result of your experiences of grief, loss and/or trauma. Whether you live in remote, regional, rural or metropolitan Australia, you can speak with one of our skilled volunteer counsellors, who will walk alongside you on your journey.

You are able to ring back whenever you feel the need and either take up from where you left off or reflect on the previous call and feel ready to engage with another aspect of working with your experience.

GriefLine is a completely free service and is open 7 days a week, 365 days per year. Our volunteer counsellors undergo intensive and ongoing training and are skilled and empathetic supporters, working with and alongside you.