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Everyone experiences grief, encounters loss and feels the lack of meaning associated with trauma in an individual and personal way.

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There is no formula in relation to how this is experienced and nor is there a right or wrong way. Relationships, situations and experiences  are complicated and are multi-layered and your response to any of your experiences of grief, loss and/or trauma are always going to be based on the many aspects of what has occurred and how you have reflected on these experiences across your life and will also be based on your existing skills, tools and capacities with which you have managed and/or worked through other difficult or confronting experiences in the past.   

At GriefLine, we are aware of the very individual way of managing and working with grief, loss and/or trauma and we actively work with you in providing a skilled and supportive space for you to speak about your experiences and we also work with you on identifying your existing strengths and capacities, in addition to developing more capacites and providing you with tools and strategies when working with your grief, loss and/or trauma. We provide intensive and ongoing training programs for all our volunteer counsellors and our skilled volunteer counsellors will support you and also provide tools and strategies when working with you with your experience of grief, loss and trauma. 

At GriefLine, we also recognise that for some people, they find ‘one off’ calls helpful and for other people, they find it useful to work with a skilled volunteer counsellor for six to eight sessions counselling and support sessions. We also have a SMS counselling service and video counselling, if you prefer these options for the six to eight session programs. We also recognise that around 70% of people experience insomnia as a result of grief, loss and/or trauma and we also offer a six to eight insomnia program to assist you in getting back to your usual sleep pattern.