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South Eastern Melbourne Primary Health Network has partnered with Griefline

To support referrals from the Victoria Police Victims Advisory Service

The Policeline service provides 6 counselling sessions by volunteer telephone counsellors to those victims of trauma who are referred by Victoria Police.

This initiative supports individuals during their crisis moment until they can source professional and other supports.

Our skilled and compassionate volunteer telephone counsellors support people’s grief, loss and trauma in extreme situations such as sudden death.

The process

Step 1.

Case is referred to Policeline from Victoria Police Victim Advisory Unit

Step 2.

Policeline triage referrals into our program, or refer onto more suitable medical or mental health partners.

Step 3.

Policeline send an SMS to the referee to initiate first counselling session.

Step 4.

A Policeline telephone counsellor will work with the referee over the proceeding six weeks to deliver six counselling sessions

Griefline’s Police Helpline is an ongoing partnership with Victoria Police in supporting the Victoria Police electronic Referral system (VPeR) since 2014.

VPeR is a consent based, non crisis, non-family violence referral system that provides referral options that police officers encounter during their daily duties.
Griefline is a key stakeholder and support to the Victoria Police in the provision of all referrals relating to non-suspicious deaths.

Since the implementation of VPeR there has been over 9,741 VPeR referrals made to the Griefline Police Helpline.

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