We Listen, We Care, We Support

About Us

GriefLine Community and Family Services Inc. (GriefLine) listens, cares and supports people experiencing loss and grief, at any stage in life.

We manage Australia’s only dedicated loss and grief national telephone counselling service. We provide anonymous support and specialist counselling services to individuals and families. All calls are confidential and free.

Our volunteer counsellors undergo intensive training and are professionally supported by GriefLine.

We also deliver responsive, evidence-based and personalised services for individuals, families and community groups.

Online counselling is also available nationally.

Our Mission

To listen, care and support those experiencing loss and grief at any stage in life.

Our Vision

Deliver exemplary counselling and support to the community as the eminent national organisation for loss and grief services.

Our Values

Our values underpin the work that we do and guide us in the way we interact with those we care and support and with each other.

Respect – in all that we do to achieve our mission

Wellbeing – we strengthen people and communities through counselling support and confidence building

Integrity – be ethical and honest whilst maintaining the highest of standards

Sensitive – demonstrate understanding, empathy and kindness when engaging with people in a culturally diverse community

Innovative – continuously improve what we do and how we do things to empower the individual and encourage positive change