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For over three decades, Griefline has been offering free grief and loss counselling and support.

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Griefline has been serving the community for more than 30 years.

We support Australians in their grief by providing space to be heard without judgement or labels, and offering hope and healing after loss.

We listen

Our compassionate telephone counsellors are available 365 days a year.

We connect

Through our supportive online community and forums.

We empower

With 24/7 access to tools, wellbeing practices and coping strategies.

The service we provide is only made possible by the selfless efforts of our volunteer counsellors. Our volunteers come from all over Australia and from a variety of backgrounds and abilities.

The grief and loss support services we offer are developed in response to the issues raised on our helpline, which paint a snapshot of the challenges affecting the mental health of our community.

Our mission

Griefline exists to help people find courage through their grief, and discover hope and healing after loss. 

  • We believe everyone should feel supported in their grief and loss and accept it as a normal, universal human experience. 
  • We do this by creating diverse pathways for reaching and connecting with the community, sharing our knowledge and empowering help-seekers.
  • We hold space for people to be heard no matter where they are or what time of the day it is.

Our vision

To lead and inspire the national mental health industry in finding collaborative ways to prevent the escalation of mental health disorders as a result of grief and loss.