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For over three decades, Griefline has been offering free grief and loss counselling and support.

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Supporting Australian’s through their grief and loss

Griefline is a free national helpline offering confidential phone counselling and support to anyone experiencing grief, loss and the many associated feelings they experience as a result. Griefline is also a key stakeholder to the Victoria Police in the provision of counsellor support to victims of trauma.

Our counselling support is available 7 days a week, 365 days a year and provides early intervention and prevention of mental health difficulties which may compound a person’s experience of grief and loss.

Griefline is available nationally inclusive of remote, regional and rural communities, in addition to all metropolitan regions, Australia wide. Griefline services are only made possible by the skilled efforts of the highly trained volunteer counsellors.

Our Point of Difference – Continuity of Care

  • Griefline’s support services are available nationally through telephone counselling, online moderated forums and 24/7 online resources and support tools. We seek to reduce the incidence, prevalence and recurrence of mental health disorders. When a person reaches out to Griefline, our purpose is to provide evidence-based interventions to modify risk exposure while strengthening the coping mechanisms of the individual.
  • Our volunteers are specifically trained to support grief, loss and associated trauma as part of the human experience. When callers require support and strategies versus crisis intervention, they are redirected to us. In 2019/20, 10% of callers were referred to our services by the larger NFP’s including Beyond Blue and Lifeline.

Who uses Griefline?

Our services and support tools are available to all people throughout Australia, no matter where they live. Griefline’s most prominent help-seekers fell into the following demographics and segments*:

  • 62% female / 37% male
  • 64% of callers are 45+ years of age
  • 42% of callers are from Victoria, followed by 30% from NSW
  • Callers are bereaved, lonely and isolated
  • 10% have been referred by another NFP helpline

*FY 2019/20 data (sourced from anonymous call record sheets and only includes calls greater than 5 minutes and where caller consented to providing demographic data)