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The Reality of Grief

Loss and grief is an inevitable part of life, and you can experience it for many reasons.

 Tiredness and fatigue, change in appetite, sleeplessness, crying, sighing

Emotional: Sadness, feelings of anxiety or panic, anger, heightened emotionality, guilt

Social: Tendency to withdraw from friends and family, discomfort in social situations

Intellectual: Periods of confusion, aimlessness, lack of motivation, inability to concentrate, forgetfulness

Spiritual: Searching for meaning, re-examination of priorities, re-examination of religious/spiritual beliefs, ethical and philosophical, questioning


Some Experiences of Grief

Confusion Disbelief
Shock Denial
Yearning Pining
Crying Sobbing
Bargaining Reality of death
Depression Struggling with new life pattern
Despair Fear of losing control
Resentment Physical symptoms
Anxiety Loss of interest
Panic Helplessness
Identification Lowered self-esteem
Disorganization Insomnia
Relief Laughter
Loneliness Guilt
Fatigue Anger
Idealisation Lethargy


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